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Board Solution

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago

Taft is running a game of 20 Questions. Use internal clues and logic to put the questions in the right order and determine whether each one was answered Yes or No:


To think that I... (No)

Heh, I suppose that... (No)

Is it a vegetable... (No)

So it must be a... (No)

It must not be too... (Yes)

Super! Finally, a yes... (Yes)

Two yes answers in a... (No)

Hoo boy, there goes... (No)

Evidently I'm on the wrong... (Yes)

Right, then. Does it... (Yes)

I see. Are the... (No)

Gotcha. Does that mean that... (Yes)

Hmm, OK, so I know... (Yes)

Then, if it's so big... (No)

Oh. Well, then, is the... (Yes)

Remarkably large... (Yes)

Ding ding ding! I know... (Yes)

Excellent! I guessed... (No)

Really? In order to get... (Yes)

...well, thank you, Mr. President... (Yes)


There are two bolded letters in each question. Take the first if the answer is Yes and the second if the answer is No to get a string: OAPCQGTSREGJVUMYXWKM. Tracing this string out on the Ouija board spells out MOJO.


This puzzle turned out to be much harder than we thought; it stumped some of our top-performing teams. The "two bolded letters" mechanism is a little inelegant, but the real problem seemed to be that it was difficult to determine where traced-out letters started and ended on the board.

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