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Candy Land

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Welcome To Candy Land! - never distributed


From all outward indications, it sure as hell seemed that Yerba Buena Gardens was a public park, and nobody complained during our playtest run. Imagine our surprise when we were kicked out on game day!


Candy Land was supposed to be a pleasant world of mini-puzzles. As teams overcame these small challenges, they would record their progress by carving shapes into pumpkins, which would be used in another puzzle in the same location at the end of the hunt. What really happened was that we only got a kind of grudging permission to carve and display the pumpkins, which must have seemed kinda lame to you guys outside of the context of the mini-puzzles, and then even that permission was revoked, and we had to frantically ferry 31 pumpkins into the trunk of a volunteer's car while security glowered at us. In the end, Candy Land turned out to be about the least fun place imaginable for Game Control.


Solution to mini-metapuzzle (try the subpuzzles first if you don't want to see their answers)

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