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Carmen Candiego Lyrics

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago

With apologies to Rockapella...


Well, she sneaks around the world, reaching into trick-or-treat bags,

Started off from San Francisco on her mission to consume.

She’ll take your Ghirardelli and put it into her belly;

Tell me – where in the world is Carmen Candiego?


Well, she’ll scam Afghanistan; and be a devil in Tasmania,

and she’ll take the macadamia bars right out of Hawai’i.

It’s dia de no candy for the kids in Venezuela;

Tell me – where in the world is Carmen Candiego?


She’ll go to Seoul and the Persian Gulf, Portugal, Tokyo

Hokkaido to Ireland, Sri Lanka – and back!


Well, she’ll ransack sacks in Pakistan, but if you want to get her,

San Francisco equals A, and San Diego equals B,

So use your head and use the globe, and find the thirteen letters!

Tell me – where in the world is Carmen Candiego?

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