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Page history last edited by PBworks 18 years, 1 month ago
  • Core Planning Team: Ari, Darcy, Elmer, Ian, Linley, Ping


  • Volunteers: Amber, Anand, Don, Elaine, Isaac, Matt, Mike, Mischa


  • Playtesters: Ana, Andy, Catharine, Justin, Kathleen, Matt, Mark, Nick



  • Puzzle Realization: Ian, with major help from everyone:
    • Darcy and Linley wrote most of the recipes for Candy Brings People Together.
    • Darcy and Ping largely wrestled the constraints of S and M into submission.
    • Ping constructed the final version of the Maze.
    • Ari, Darcy, Jeremy, and Ian recorded Carmen Candiego.
    • Darcy wrote the terza rima for Consumer Hell.
    • Ari and Ping offered extensive feedback on an earlier, unconstrained version of Thirteen Ghosts.
    • Ping created and wore his own Waldo suit in Manhunt.


  • Head of Purchasing: Linley


  • Special Thanks To:
    • Amber Kerr, for heroically drawing and photocopying a paper version of Familiar Faces in the time between the Candy Land disaster and the scheduled time for Familiar Faces
    • Jeremy Liu, for recording Carmen Candiego
    • Mike, for transporting oozing pumpkins around the trunk of his car
    • Ping, for dealing with the authorities at trouble sites

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